Process Assessment & Improvements

Why bring in external consultants from RiverArk for process assessments? 

  • Consultants with domain expertise can analyse gaps and strengths in the process
  • Assessment of Compliance to required regulations 
  • Building process maps and workflows to visually represent actual process
  • Identify critical milestones/elements within process
  • Assess & propose impact of changes, improve process, introduce controls within process where necessary et. al.

RiverArk consultants have experience in six sigma, kaizen and lean methodologies and canutilize appropriate methodologies that suit your situation. 

Inspection Readiness & Support

Being ready for the all important competent authority inspection can be a daunting task if one is not prepared. RiverArk consultants are experienced and understand the pressures and stress surrounding a competent authority inspection. With nearly 60 inspections supported by our consultants to date; we are well equipped with sufficient knowledge and experience of handling various situations within the inspections.

We at RiverArk

  • Provide Inspection Readiness services
  • Prepare and motivate personnel facing inspections
  • Create and Execute Inspection readiness strategy
  • Propose Inspection management process and related documentation
  • Perform mock inspections, Support before, during and after inspections
  • Compile compliance reports and Author and compile responses to inspection finding/observations


Ongoing training and continuous education are key elements of keeping personnel up to date with the ever changing regulatory environment. 

  • RiverArk training consultants are expert trainers and use intervention based training methodologies to achieve greater efficacy of training imparted. 
  • Our consultants stay close to realities on understanding how training is perceived; propose a specific customized training material and delivering method. 
  • Our expert consultants use real world examples, interactive case studies and state of art audio visual presentation tools.
  • RiverArk consultants emphasize on engagement of each individual during a training session – maximizing return on investment for the organization

RiverArk expert trainers provide services in:

  • Computer Based Training
  • Competency evaluation tests
  • Instructor Led training
  • Interactive virtual training - Web based